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Rob Woodworth
Executive Director
The Jazz House

About Us (PDF)

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Our Mission The Jazz House is a non-profit organization providing youth the opportunity to learn, perform, create, and share in a community-driven jazz environment.
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About Us
We are a family-friendly, jazz, world and experimental music-focused organization.  As a smoke-free, alcohol-free environment, afficionados of all ages can come together and enjoy music.  We've created an environment where the focus is music -- it's a great opportunity for fans of all ages to congregate and share... to learn and to grow... and to showcase their talent.  Each member of our staff is an unpaid volunteer, allowing all funding to support our growth and youth opportunities.

Musical Performances
We offer an opportunity for musicians of all ages to perform in a listeners-environment.  Student performers are able to develop and share their talents before live audiences.  Student musicians often serve as opening acts, showcasing their talent for more than their family and school.  Performers often volunteer their time to host music clinics while in town, giving students a chance to learn about their careers.

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